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event musings: a lot of a little something extra at lincoln center

“Either you are or you aren’t — a Judy Garland fan that is.  And if you aren’t, forget about her new movie, I Could Go On Singing, and leave the discussion to us devotees…. You’ll see her in close up … in beautiful, glowing Technicolor and striking staging in a vibrant, vital performance that gets

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Round Up the Usual Suspects

In 1976, I was completely unaware that the location of my introduction to Casablanca (1942) was a theatre with an instrumental role in the post WWII “cult of Casablanca” history of the film. I was a freshman at Harvard College (in this era called Harvard-Radcliffe in its stutter-stepped morphing for the female students from Harvard-for-boys

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review: hounddog — universal and important

[originally published: Hounddog Written and Directed by Deborah Kampmeier Starring Dakota Fanning, Piper Laurie, David Morse, Robin Wright Penn An Empire Film Group release Reviewed by Martha Wade Steketee September 16, 2008 My invitation to this film screening came in the Internet version of hushed tones. “This is the film right-wingers don’t want you

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