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Halston on Life and Death and What’s Between

[article as originally published in Theater Pizzazz, November 25, 2017.] Julie Halston is a librarian of memories, a seeker of wisdom in unexpected places, a literary comedian. She’s been reading to audiences from newspapers, memoirs, advice columns, and self-help tomes for years as part of her stand-up act, riffing on what she reads. At Birdland this

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Julie Halston Reads Her Life

[article as originally published in Theater Pizzazz, September 17, 2016.] “Sit back, relax, Mama’s gonna read.” The lanky instantly recognizable and inviting presence of Julie Halston, described as “a cross between Joan Rivers and Hayley Mills” (and I’d add with a vocal delivery that has blended delightfully over time with that of her great friend

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