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Dreamy “Peter Pan” Grows Wild and Full of Bedlam

[article as originally published in The Clyde Fitch Report, November 21, 2017.] A new adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s 1904 play Peter Pan presented by the theater company Bedlam and running The Duke through Dec. 23, takes place within a soundscape of rain, waves and thunder claps. We’re safe in our theater seats as we settle into the frame of a bedtime story told

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Women in Charge

[article originally published in Prologue (the OSF member magazine), Fall 2017 .] Two playwrights, Kate Hamill and Karen Zacarías, prove that female characters are limited neither by their senses nor their destiny. Two theatremakers coming to OSF next season assemble new work out of existing genres with women’s voices, for women performers. Their plays are infused

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