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Halston on Life and Death and What’s Between

[article as originally published in Theater Pizzazz, November 25, 2017.] Julie Halston is a librarian of memories, a seeker of wisdom in unexpected places, a literary comedian. She’s been reading to audiences from newspapers, memoirs, advice columns, and self-help tomes for years as part of her stand-up act, riffing on what she reads. At Birdland this

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Linda Lavin and the Women Who Haunt Her

[image caption: Billy Stritch and Linda Lavin. Photo: Stephen Sorokoff.] [article as originally published in Theater Pizzazz, July 30, 2017.] Linda Lavin is a New York City girl who holds audiences rapt by comedic and dramatic performances on television, film, and stage. What cabaret lovers have discovered over the years is that that she brings all her

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Julie Halston Reads Her Life

[article as originally published in Theater Pizzazz, September 17, 2016.] “Sit back, relax, Mama’s gonna read.” The lanky instantly recognizable and inviting presence of Julie Halston, described as “a cross between Joan Rivers and Hayley Mills” (and I’d add with a vocal delivery that has blended delightfully over time with that of her great friend

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