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Catherine Filloux and Poetic Political Theater

[article as originally published in The Clyde Fitch Report, February 28, 2017.] Poetry, design concepts, political themes and strong female characters distinguish the work of playwright and activist Catherine Filloux. My first exposure to her theatrical style was Luz in 2012, about abused women seeking political asylum and an attorney who works with them. I

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review: luz

Luz by Catherine Filloux Directed by Jose Zayas Featuring Kimber Riddle, Steven Rishard, Lynnette R. Freeman, Julissa Roman La MaMa, 74a East 4th Street October 4,  2012 (opening) — October 14, 2012 production web site Reviewed by Martha Wade Steketee September 29, 2012 “My business is paper.” (Alexandra) “We’re at the end of the epistolary

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