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Melissa Manchester, Her Fellas, and Unexpected Joy

[article as originally published in Theater Pizzazz, September 14, 2017.] “I finally made it to Birdland!” Melissa Manchester, who has had a career of many decades, with more than a score of albums, and performances around the world, exclaimed early into her set in the intimate jazz venue an excitement at being in the room that

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Barb Jungr and John McDaniel Find the Zing in Sting

[caption: John McDaniel and Barb Jungr at Joe’s Pub. Photo: Richard Hillman.] [article as originally published in Theater Pizzazz, June 30, 2017.] British-born Barb Jungr is often described in creative cross-breed superlatives: Edith Piaf meets Carmen McRae, jazz meets blues, pop rock meets the Great American Songbook. She is, in fact, an absolutely charming raconteur with a

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