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The Home Place: Persnickety Plot Paralyzes Political Play

[article as originally published in The Clyde Fitch Report, October 11, 2017.] Sometimes a beautiful woman’s yearning gaze isn’t sufficient to hold a piece of theater together that has too many moving parts. Women offer those gazes, to varying effect, in two differently structured plays dealing with British and Irish historical stories that are now calling

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reading ruminations: paradise lost

Paradise Lost [reading] By Clifford Odets Staged by Allie Mulholland Featuring Angelica Page (Angelica Torn), Shelley Valfer, Angelo Angrisani ReGroup Theatre Company at The Irish Repertory Theatre, 132 W 22nd production web site: http://regrouptheatre.org/News_and_Events.html Reviewed by Martha Wade Steketee July 18, 2011 [one night only] “It is not natural for people to starve while the means of

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