William Shakespeare

review: cymbeline

Cymbeline Written by William Shakespeare Directed by Noah Brody & Ben Steinfeld Featuring Jessie Austrian, Noah Brody, Paul L. Coffey, Andy  Grotelueschen, Ben Steinfeld, Emily Young Fiasco Theater at Barrow Street Theatre, 27 Barrow Street September 8, 2011 — January… Read More ›

review: twelfth night

Twelfth Night By William Shakespeare Directed by Brandon Walker Featuring Brandon Walker, Anna Marie Sell, David Sedgwick, Lindsay Teed The Seeing Place @ ATA Sargent Theater, 314 West 54th Street 4th floor March 30, 2011  — April 16, 2011 production… Read More ›

review: double falsehood

Double Falsehood By William  Shakespeare and John Fletcher Adapted by Lewis Theobald Directed by Brian Kulick Featuring Clayton Apgar, Hayey Treider, Mackenzie Meehan, Philip Goodwin Classic Stage Company 136 East 13th Street March 12, 2011  — April 3, 2011 production… Read More ›

review: king lear

[originally published: http://aislesay.com/CHI-LEAR-06.html] KING LEAR by William Shakespeare Directed by Robert Falls Starring Stacy Keach Goodman Theatre 170 North Dearborn / (312) 443-3800 goodmantheatre.org Extended Through October 22, 2006 Reviewed by Martha Wade Steketee September 27, 2006 In “King Lear” at… Read More ›