12 June 2011. Beacon Theatre a few hours before the beginning of the Tony Awards broadcast. Image by: Jeffrey Alan Butts

I decided to tweet the Tony Awards again this year.  Not that I have delusions of thousands attending to my drivel, but it entertains me while watching, and gives me (via hashtag searches) instant feedback on whether issues, topics, quotes, wardrobe that catch my eye and tickle my fancy attract anyone else in the world  And Twitter gives me a summary the next day that I can post — though I’m sometimes forced to annotate slightly to give some random utterances some context.  Huge difference this year is that I now live just a few blocks from the Beacon Theatre where the show is held this year.  Not yearning for a life far far away but yearning for a life quite close by.  Holding back the envy of those I know who attended in pretty party dresses or nice suits, or who covered the proceedings from the press room at some remove.  I, as the rest of the world, “covered’ the adventure from my living room in my pajamas with liquor and cupcakes.

The total list of winners is here: http://www.tonyawards.com/en_US/nominees/winners.html.  What follows are my tweets, in sequence, from a few inspired by the NY1 (and Tony Awards on line) red carpet coverage, into a few Colin Firth shout outs from 60 Minutes when red carpet drivel commentary began to bore me, then the show’s events in sequence.  I decided not to annotate, for maximum fragmented effect.

[as I settle in]

  • wandered by Beacon Theatre a few hours ago, journos lining up, street fair in full swing, bands generating buzz. excited
  • getting ready to watch my most anticipated annual award adventure. few blocks away. new hometown.

[red carpet]

  • helen reddy (she’s short! who knew?) interviewed on the red carpet. blast from baby feminist past.
[60 minutes]
  • colin firth on 60minutes. “i am such a drag queen” … i couldn’t possibly love this man more. pre-#tonyawards
  • colin firth hit received. now ready for CBS coverage of THE awards show. yessir.
[back to the show]
    • this is friggin’ brilliant. “not just for gays any more”. high kicking nuns don’t make the case well. dancing sailors ditto.
    • ah, cannavale. our “funky spunk” boy. great job.
    • methinks the theatre folks really enjoy being in a real theatre-scale theatre .. beacon.
    • i would so vote for baldwin for mayor. new resident that i am. and p.s. love the beard.
    • falco moved me more. barkin proved she could shout speeches. love her as much as i do. political vote.
    • from the shellac=ed hair to the blue bow tie.. come one … brotherhood of man. nothing better
    • i love “brotherhood” and i think perfectly shows how camera work can spoil the effect of theatre choreography hold it still.
    • stand up is a dicey call here. yikes.
    • of course … but hickey’s performance is the only one that moved me in the passion play of THE NORMAL HEART. bravo.
    • o.k. “head of war horse in her bed” is a good joke. spidey 30 second stand up.
    • war horse wins for direction. do i see a theme in “big emotional swath of experience” awards for NORMAL HEART and WAR HORSE?
    • i honestly just gasped. angie. goddess.
    • “i come from a long line of bumblebees” .. o.k. she has just melted my heart. winner for BOOK OF MORMON. oh my god
    • this song from BOOK OF MORMON is such a tribute to “i have confidence” … i can’t stand it …
    • no. a lyric in ‘sister act”s number “let your freak flag fly” .. no no no. but a great sounding sequence. like the movie.
    • marg’s intro music made me expect liza. not a good thing for my response when marg waltzed out.
    • i was enchanted by WAR HORSE from the back row of the mezzanine. it is quite something, this show.
    • against the bard and other ancient creaky revivals,sure. NORMAL HEART as best revival. not play but “righteous rage”
    • i’m friggin amazed the puppets (moving as they were) won out over ‘jerusalem’ .. but i’m just watching …
    • oh goodness. another 11 o’clock number. sutton foster gives us the business. cute but what a brassy voice.
    • but yes, that sutton can dance up a storm .. yummy tap dancing ala eleanor powell and for that .. brava.
    • vanessa and james on stage. holding hands. standing o. my heart just stopped again.
    • company defined my adolescence. yearning to live in nyc .. from the midwest. “safe and cheery”. sigh.
    • the jill clayburgh – sada thompson – betty garrett (and others) in memoriam section has me a little messy at the moment …
    • fran! that is all. i adore.
    • martha. represent.
    • pink feather boas for everyone! love the back stage segues. it’s raining men
    • rylance. roosters crow. i crow. stunning achievement.

Early in the show Bono (egad) had a few reflections on the collaborative and surprizing art of theatre.  Speaking as if it were totally a surprise that people in the theatre work hard, Bono of the superhero glasses did manage to move me with the reflection that theatre is a “procession of miracles”. Yes.

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