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Category: features + interviews

Putting the Pageant Cart Before the Plague

[Full article published in TDF Stages, February 23, 2018.] Tony-winning designer David Zinn creates a playful medieval world for The Amateurs David Zinn created an underwater extravaganza by designing the sets and […]

How a Tennis Match Changed the Conversation

[Full article published in TDF Stages, January 25, 2018.] Balls uses a legendary game to examine gender inequality It’s fitting that a coed creative team decided to theatricalize the 1973 “Battle […]

When John Lithgow Called, He Said Yes

[Full article published in TDF Stages, January 11, 2018.] How director Daniel Sullivan is helping the actor honor his father Tony-winning director Daniel Sullivan is known for helming complex, multicharacter plays […]

Teaching Manners to Build a Community

[article as originally published in TDF Stages, September 18, 2017.] MCC Theater’s new drama focuses on a one-of-a-kind charm school — Northlight Theatre‘s artistic director, BJ Jones, was so taken with […]

Women in Charge

[article originally published in Prologue (the OSF member magazine), Fall 2017 .] Two playwrights, Kate Hamill and Karen Zacarías, prove that female characters are limited neither by their senses nor their […]

Are You Ready for a Resurrection?

[article as originally published in TDF Stages, September 13, 2017.] How a multimedia artist is bringing a Long Island family back to life — Alison S. M. Kobayashi has an offbeat […]

A Collective Call Against Critical Bias

I am one voice among two dozen signatories to this piece that addresses selected critical response to several New York shows in the 2016-2017 season, and raises some questions about […]

NICHOLAS ROHLFING | Entertainment Lawyer and LMDA

[article originally published in LMDA’s monthly newsletter New & Noteworthy Issue 2.8 May 2017.] LMDA recently entered into an agreement with Attorney Nicholas Rohlfing, who represents a range of clients in […]

Making More Space for Latinx Artists

[article as originally published in TDF Stages, May 5, 2017.] The Sol Project returns with a new production — A traumatized doctor named Moisés sits in a washtub filled with pineapples […]

Finding the Personal in the Political

[Full article published in TDF Stages, May 1, 2017.] How one social justice theatre company uses real-life stories to inspire its art — Last summer, Houses on the Moon, a socially focused, […]