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2018: excavation review themes

I squeezed adventures in Norway, Sweden, the wilds of central Wisconsin, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island into 2018, a year of paring, sifting and sorting of involvement on professional boards […]

2018: excavation review

Live and filmed performances, as well as readings of works in progress, filled my days in calendar year 2018. I usually attend solo, and yet often host my spouse or […]

2017: excavation review

Public performances in calendar year 2017, live or filmed, were many and thrilling, with new talents and old familiars, in large venues and intimate spaces. By my rough count, during […]

2016: excavation review themes

After six annual marathons captured in “what Martha has seen” lists of theater and film adventuring (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016), I’ve learned a few things. I’ve learned that […]

2016: excavation review

[featured image caption: Times Square. Screen capture from opening sequence of Babes on Broadway (1941).] Public performances in calendar year 2016, live or filmed, were many and thrilling. I viewed new […]

2015: excavation review

The Sound of Music on film is 50 this year. Maria’s confidence is contagious. Writing and research and presentations filled this calendar year on a range of topics including the Yale […]

2014: excavation review themes

Chance Magazine issue 3 subscriber cover title line. Issues 3 and 4 of Chance were completed, printed, and delivered to subscribers and newsstands in 2014. I have now accumulated four […]

playwrights, critics and scenes

Visions of playwrights and critics can inspire images of dramatic scenes. Colleagues from Chicago tell a story about a certain critic arriving at the lobby of a show and being […]

event musings: 2012 ATCA conference [people]

American Theatre Critics Association Annual Conference Playwrights, Presenters, and Panels Friday June 15, 2012 and Saturday June 16, 2012 Chicago, IL event site The multi-day American Theatre Critics Association annual […]

event musings: 2012 ATCA conference [images]

American Theatre Critics Association Annual Conference City Images  Wednesday June 13, 2012 through Sunday June 17, 2012 Chicago, IL event site Over the past few years I have explored writing […]