ATCA will hold its annual meeting Reseated and In Person in New York City November 11-13, 2022. This will be the first time that ATCA members have convened in the same physical space since Fall 2019, and will be the first time in ATCA conference history that the formal annual meeting will be held in New York City. (Over the years, shorter or mini meetings have often been held in New York City, including the most recent pre-shutdown ATCA New York meeting in November 2019.)

As stages around the country continue to struggle through Covid variant shutdowns and delays (let’s be honest, we can’t yet take our eyes off this viral ball), ATCA has found alternatives to meeting in person for its members. In April 2020, ATCA shut down with the rest of the country, forced to cancel its long planned April 2020 meeting in Costa Mesa, CA. We rallied and learned about virtual programming, holding virtual conferences in November 2020 (“The Next Normal”) and November 2021 (“From Where We Sit”). Virtual programming also extended to a successful array of seminars and convenings delivered in 2021 and 2022.

In response to a clamor of interest among ATCA members and leadership to meet face-to-face again after three years, a team of members from around the country has stepped up to create a November 2022 ATCA annual conference in New York City, building on past New York City experiences and developing something totally new. The conference planning team includes: Scott BennettDavid John ChávezJay HandelmanLou HarryBill HirschmanFrank RizzoMartha Wade Steketee, and Maren Scriven Swensen.

The working title of the conference is “Reseated and In Person” and will be held Friday, November 11 through Sunday, November 13 in midtown Manhattan. The schedule of events and locations are still being finalized. Registration will be open by the end of the month.

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