[article originally published at HowlRound, December 16, 2014.]


Theater that is inspired and informed by the spaces in which it is performed is the essence of Peculiar Works Project (PWP). Conversations between space and storytelling have thrilled PWP founders Ralph Lewis, Catherine Porter, and Barry Rowell in over one hundred performances they have crafted and staged since 1993.

The city is their playground and scripts, locations, librettos, and other stories of the past provide fodder for their active imaginations. Among the sites for their “theatrical conversations” have been the cavernous downtown Post Office building across from Penn Station (Manna-Hata in 2013), the Village as multiple points of interest in Off Off Broadway history in a walking tour (West Village Offstage in 2006 and East Village Offstage in 2007), and most recently the Judson Memorial Church sanctuary in which they told a story of mental health treatments that went too far (3Christs in 2014).

The three founders convened at Judson Memorial Church during the run of 3Christs to discuss their company, its goals and successes, and what projects are in the pipeline.

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© Martha Wade Steketee (December 16, 2014)

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